Licensing across multiple sites/servers/workstations

PaperCut NG is licensed based on the number of users (normally domain login accounts) on a per-site basis. There is no limit on the number servers, workstations or printers, nor any extra charge for clustered servers. As a general rule a separate license is required for each physical site, except where noted and approved.


Multiple Physical Sites

The PaperCut sales team are able to issue an enterprise wide license granting you a single license to be installed across multiple sites/servers/domains within a single organization. This option is ideal for multi-campus academic institutes, or corporate businesses with multiple offices. These requests are considered on a case-by-case basis. To qualify the site will need to meet the following requirements:

  • The network on all locations must be managed by a central coordinated IT team.
  • The organization must nominate a single-point-of-contract for PaperCut support.
  • The organization must ensure that the sum of users across all sites is not greater than the licence user count. The same user in multiple sites counts as one user.

For copyright licensing reasons the request to use a single PaperCut license across multiple sites should be made in writing (email to

If the organization is unable to meet these requirements, please contact sales as alternate arrangements are possible such as bulk discounts for multiple sites.

Please contact the sales team to discuss enterprise wide licensing options.

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