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An intermittent Windows environment issue has been reported where Windows print jobs have an owner set to the Computer account that the job was submitted from, not the User account. In most circumstances, the Computer account is obvious as the owner will end with a $.

For example, a user “john” may print from a computer “john-pc”, and his print job will appear to be owned by “john-pc$”, rather than “john”.

The exact cause of this has not been confirmed despite significant investigation efforts by both PaperCut staff and customers, although the behaviour happens outside of PaperCut’s control and is generally only noticed because there is no PaperCut balance for the Computer account.


Under the Windows print queue permissions, create a permissions object for “Domain Computers” and then explicitly deny permission for that object to Print. In all cases encountered by PaperCut technical support so far, this will, without any user interaction, prevent Computer accounts from creating the print job, and Windows will automatically switch to the User account.

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Keywords: job logged as username, computer name, host name, machine name


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Article last modified on September 23, 2013, at 10:07 PM
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