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By default the Mobility Print logs are in debug mode. To download your Mobility Print log files:

1. In the Mobility Print Admin web interface, click in the top right of the screen.
2. Select Download Logs.

A zip file of the logs is saved to your Download folder. If you need to send your log files to PaperCut Support, send both the Mobility Print logs as well as the PaperCut Application debug logs (see ).

Note the following information:
  • Date/time the problem occurred
  • Operating system version
  • PaperCut NG/MF build version
  • Mobility Print version
  • IP address of the Mobility Print server
  • IP address of the client you are printing from
  • Username
  • Name of any printed documents
Alternatively you can download the logs from the filesystem at: C:\Program Files (x86)\PaperCut Mobility Print\data\logs\pc-mobility-print.log

Are there any other logs to collect from end-user devices?

We have extra logging when you run the Mobility Print Printer Setup installer for Windows devices. If you encounter any issues with Windows devices, see below!

Iíve run the Mobility Print Printer Setup for Windows but I canít see the list of printers to install on my machine

To install the print queues to your Windows machine, youíll need to run the Mobility Print Printer Setup, which provides an installation wizard to install a print queue.

If you canít see the print queues from the Mobility Print Printer Setup installer, there is extra logging you can use to troubleshoot. The log files are stored under the TEMP folder on the specific Windows machine you ran the installer on. For example: (C:\Users\mel\App Data\Local\Temp).

Under the TEMP folder, you’ll see a file that was created on the day you ran the Mobility Print Printer Setup install, example: setup log 2017–3−7. Send us the setup log file along with the Mobility Print logs and Application Debug logs.

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