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Group based restrictions is a new feature that was added at version 8 of PaperCut that provides a feature for administrators to restrict printer access to a group or groups of users. Group based restrictions can be put on printers under Printers → [Name of the printer] → Filters and Restrictions.

This feature is useful in the following situations:

  • The Mac Operating system does not support group based printer permissions as standard. This feature in PaperCut provides a way to put group based restrictions on printers.
  • Windows does provide group based permissions as standard, however the message received by the users accessing restricted printers is ambiguous. Using the feature from PaperCut administrators can provide a customizable denied message when their printing fails because of group restrictions. Notification message can be modified from Printers → Notification Options

To learn more about groups read this chapter of PaperCut NG Manual.

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