“Help! I’m trying to run the DNSCMDs to set up the DNS records for Mobility Print, but I’m seeing an error “Command Failed: DNS_ERROR_DP_DOES_NOT_EXIST”. What does this mean and how do I set up the records?”

You will see this error appear if your DNS server is not part of an Active Directory domain. When the Mobility Print server generates the DNSCMDs to create the DNS records for Mobility Print, we assume that you want these records to replicate to the other servers in your Active Directory Domain so we use the switch /dsforwarder and /dsprimary.

However, if your DNS server is not part of an Active Directory domain then you will run into this error. The easy fix is to edit the script to remove “ds” wherever you find it, and run the revised commands.

  1. Before running the commands, copy them into a text editor like Notepad.
  2. Edit the commands and replace /dsforwarder with /forwarder
  3. Replace /dsprimary with /primary.
  4. Then try running the commands again.

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Article last modified on December 12, 2018, at 06:45 PM
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