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PaperCut is offered in two different flavors:

The product feature chart on the home page will provide a quick overview of the differences.

Each addition is focused on different environments:

PaperCut NG for Professional Client Billing is a specialist version aiming at Engineering, Architecture, Legal, Accounting, and Graphic Design Firms. It differs from PaperCut NG in that it offers the advanced popup client as standard. The advanced client gives end-users the tools they need to manage and allocate printing to a large number of accounts representing clients, jobs, projects, cost centers, and billing accounts. The defaults in the ChargeBack edition are also tuned to the requirements of business, including open printing rights for all users, business reports, and the option to use the advanced client on any desktop.
PaperCut NG for Education is a general edition applying to a wide variety of applications including Schools, Universities, Colleges, and both large and small businesses. Its pricing model is designed to appeal to these organizations. It’s ideal for implementing a silent tracking or quota/charging model. The main differences between PaperCut NG and PaperCut ChargeBack are:
  • Schools and Colleges usually don’t need the advanced client features. Instead users have access to the standard popup (optional) or require no popup at all. The advanced popup is available but may only be used by two users - for example by administration staff. Extra advanced clients may be added at an additional cost.
  • The system defaults in PaperCut NG edition are also tuned for a silent monitoring or quota/charging control. Users do not need the client popup as this is optional.

If you need assistance with choosing the best version, please feel free to email our technical support team.

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