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Charging different amounts according to different Paper Types


Q Is it possible to charge a user a different amount depending on what the paper type is, such as Photo Paper versus Premium Bond Paper?

Yes! As well as Differential Charging (which can be used to charge different amounts based on paper sizes), you can make use of the Advanced Client to allow the user to select cost adjustments to the base price, as documented below.

Using Advanced Client Selection

Yes, it is possible using the Advanced Client Selection popup and selecting the appropriate charge rate. This is a common scenario at Engineering and Architectural sites, where they need to bill their clients for the type of paper that was used (say for different plotter media). There are two steps to set this up:

  1. Select the Advanced Client Popup for the users in the menu: Users → Details → Account Selection → Show the advanced account selection popup.

  2. Configure the cost adjustment menu for the popup. The procedure for this is outlined in the manual: Definining cost Adjustments. For example, the cost adjustment setting below would allow the user to choose from a popup of 5 paper types.

Draft Paper:80%, Standard Paper:100%, Transparency:130%, Photo Paper:200%, Mylar Film:400%

Setting up different print queues.

Another possibility is to set up different print queues for the same printer but with different charging associated with each queue.

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Last updated December 16, 2022