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What is the Advanced Client?


The Advanced Client (for Professional Business)

PaperCut NG includes the standard client which is ideal for Education and Corporate sites. Professional businesses such as Engineering, Architecture, Graphic Design, Legal Firms etc. who require more power.

The Advanced Client is standard with PaperCut NG Professional licenses, and is an optional extra in PaperCut NG Education and Business. It provides powerful features to allow users to quickly assign printing to accounts selected from a large list of clients or projects.

The Advanced Client provides a more powerful set of account selection options over the top of the Standard Client, including:

  • Keyword-based search
  • Sort accounts by custom criteria
  • Maintain a list of preferred accounts facilitating quick selection
  • A history of recently selected accounts
  • Ability to add Comments to a job (will be included in the Job Log and certain Reports)
  • Users can apply Cost Adjustments to a print job at time of print

The Advanced Client is ideal for organizations with very large account lists (100- 100,000), or nested accounts structures.


PaperCut NG Professional:

Unlimited user of the Advanced Client is included as standard and no additional licensing is required.

PaperCut NG Educational/Business:

PaperCut NG offers unlimited use of the Standard Client. Two users may use Advanced Client. If the Advanced Client is required for more than two users, additional licenses must be purchased.

Advanced Client screenshot

Standard Client screenshot

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Last updated March 15, 2024