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Pocket and Hive manual


An end-user’s guide to getting started with Pocket and Hive

First off - congratulations! Given that you’re here reading this, it sounds like you’ve been invited to print with PaperCut Pocket or Hive - or you’re interested in printing using PaperCut Pocket or Hive.

If that’s you, then read on - organizations can customize their environments in different ways, so it’s tricky to tell what options you have available to you - but we’ll do our best!

I want to print something

To print with PaperCut Pocket or Hive, if you’re using macOS , Windows, or Chromebooks you’ll need to install the PaperCut Printer. If you want to print from Android or iOS, you’ll need to install the mobile app.

When you install the PaperCut Printer or the mobile apps, they are unique to you - so you will need your welcome email to get your unique links to the software or mobile apps. See Your invitation email - the keys to it all section below to see how to get this.

I want to release my print job

If you’ve printed a document to your PaperCut Printer, and now need to release your print job, open the PaperCut Pocket or Hive mobile app (on Android or iOS) and follow the prompts to release your print job.

If you changed phones, or if you don’t have the mobile app installed, you’ll need to re-install the mobile app to be able to release your print jobs - in which case, as you probably already guessed - you’ll need your PaperCut Pocket or Hive welcome/invitation email with your Unique Identity (the QR Code unique to you).

See the Your invitation email - the keys to it all section below to see how to get the email, and follow the steps to install the mobile app.

I want to log in

Well, the good news is that if you’re a PaperCut Pocket or Hive user, you don’t need to log in. How great’s that!

If you’ve installed the mobile app and it’s asking for a code to log in, use your personal code from your initial invitation email.

See the Your invitation email - the keys to it all section below to see how to get this.

I’m looking for the mobile app

Yup, you’ve guessed it! The key to getting the mobile app is to go through the setup instructions in your welcome/invitation email.

If you’ve misplaced the email, take a look below to find out how to get another one!

Your invitation email - the keys to it all!

Why don’t we just put a link to the Apple app store, or the Google Play store apps? The reason is that you’ll need the custom link sent to you (by your friendly IT administrator at your organization) in your welcome email / invitation email. Without the custom link you won’t be able to install the apps, because PaperCut Pocket and Hive won’t be able to verify your identity without it.

🔑 Your welcome email with your unique link is literally the key to accessing the apps and being able to print or release your documents.

The welcome email leads you to a custom page with the 3 setup steps - downloading the computer app, installing the mobile app and sending your first print job.
Aladdin’s lamp, the One Ring, the Lost Ark - your invitation email contains your personalized link to the setup page.

If you do have your welcome email / printing invitation email

Fantastic! That’s the hard part!

Click the Get started link in the email (which is personalized to you, so don’t share that email!) and follow the steps to install either:

  • the software, which will let you print to the PaperCut Printer on your laptop or PC
  • the mobile app, which will let you print from your mobile device and also let you release your print jobs.

If you don’t have your welcome email / printing invitation email

OK, it’s not the end of the world - but you might have to do a bit of detective work here.

You can either track down your friendly IT administrator, ply them with bribes and ask them to invite you to PaperCut Pocket or Hive again, or …

If you’re feeling a little adventurous - or if your administrator is not around - you can try and find a printer in your organization that is enabled for PaperCut Pocket or Hive printing. With any luck, there will be a QR Code label (one of those mosaic-like squares that you find everywhere from adverts to coffee shops) on the printer, and you can then use your camera app to scan it. The QR Code will take you to the Request Access page in your browser - which is specific to your organization.

A PaperCut Pocket or Hive user securely releases their print job with the mobile app.
Find a printer in your organization that has a QR Code sticker on it like the above! Scan the QR Code with your phone, and you’ll be able to request access to your organization’s printing.

From there, you can enter your email address (the one that you have through your organization like your work email or school email), and shortly after you should receive your welcome email again. Success!

If you don’t receive your email within a few minutes, then it’s possible that you weren’t actually set up as a PaperCut Pocket or Hive user - so your request for access might be waiting for your IT administrator to approve you. In which case, head to the lair of your IT administrator to see if they can approve the request, and help you out!

End user frequently asked questions (FAQs)

I installed the iOS app but I’m not able to print from my mobile - why?

Head into the iOS PaperCut Pocket or Hive app, and tap your Profile icon at the top right. Then select Print from this phone? Install Profile. You’ll then be asked to download the Pocket or Hive profile.

Once downloaded, open the iOS Settings app, tap Profile Downloaded and then tap Install in the upper right corner. Enter your passcode, and then tap Install again. You’ll then be able to select the PaperCut Printer from your list of printers.