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I'm a Student - How do I log in?


Trying to log into PaperCut but not too sure where to go?

You’re trying to log in to do some printing. But you can’t log in, so you’ve Googled PaperCut. And here you are.

First things first, you cannot log in to your printer network from anywhere on this website. We only make and sell the software - we don’t install or maintain access. But here’s our list of solutions that could help you.

Where do I log in to PaperCut so I can print?

The URL to log in will depend on how PaperCut has been configured by your site administrator - the best way to find out where to log in at your school/university/college is to have a chat with your local IT or administration department. You can ask them for:

  • What address should you use in your browser on-campus, to access PaperCut
  • What username/password you should use to log in to PaperCut
  • If you need the PaperCut client installed to be able to print
  • Which printer you should use to print to

Feel free to point them to this page too if they need more context!

Alternatively, some schools or colleges have a page listing useful internal websites - which can include the PaperCut login page. If your school or college has a central help system or portal for that kind of information, it’s worth checking there - under ‘PaperCut’, ‘Printing’ or something similar.

My admin gave me the login URL, now what?

If you’re faced with the above screen when you’re trying to log in PaperCut, try using your ‘normal’ network username/password.

If you normally log in to laptops/workstations at your school/university, try using this same set of credentials to log in to your school’s PaperCut system. They might be called your ‘Network credentials’ or ‘Network login’ or ‘AD login info’.

Likewise, if you normally use a user ID or username along with a PIN or password to log into the copier devices, try this same combination in the PaperCut login screen, too.

My client login screen looks like this. Help!

If you’ve got the PaperCut client installed, and it’s asking you to log in, you can try using your ‘normal’ network username/password. If you log into laptops/workstations at your school/university then you can try using this same set of credentials to log into your school’s PaperCut system.

Likewise, if you normally use a user ID or username along with a PIN or password to log into the copier devices, you can try this same combination in your school’s PaperCut login screen too.

But you haven’t been able to tell me how to access the login page…

Sadly, this part is something that only your local IT or admin department will know. While we create the PaperCut software, organizations then install it and the local IT departments are responsible for usernames/passwords and so on. We don’t have access to reset passwords for end users - but your local IT/admin department should be able to help.

If you hop over to your school/university’s website, there are sometimes links on how to get help - contact the IT administration or Administration department there, and they should normally be able to help with all things PaperCut.

What if I’m an Admin at my local School/College/University?

Head over to the “How Do I Log In” article, which gives a little more info on how to log in - once you know your local PaperCut Server information (IP address, Hostname etc).

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Last updated July 9, 2024