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Integrated Scanning

🔎 Find this feature in the admin interface: Easy Print & Scan > Integrated Scanning

Integrated Scanning allows the Hive admin to centrally create Quick Scan actions on the Hive admin console to deploy them across multiple printers in the organization, reducing training needs and errors by end-user, while providing a consistent user experience.

Which printer brands are supported?

As of September 2021:

  • Sharp (OSA 5.1+ and n2.0 browser required) is the currently supported brand.
  • Ricoh (Smart SDK 2.12 or above required, Fiery devices not supported, HDD or Micro SD required).

Then Integrated Scanning for other brands will be incrementally delivered.

Which cloud destinations are included?

  1. Box
  2. Dropbox
  3. Dropbox Business
  4. Evernote
  5. Google Drive
  6. OneDrive for Business
  7. OneDrive Personal
  8. pCloud
  9. SharePoint

How do I enable Integrated Scanning on my org?

In short, the admin user creates Quick Scans and then goes to each individual compatible printer to enable Integrated Scanning for the Quick Scans the admin created to show on their touchscreens. Compatible printers are the brands listed on the first question above.

To simplify:

  1. Enable add-on of a scan-to destination
  2. Create Quick Scans
  3. Enable Integrated Scanning under individual printers.

The admin may start the workflow in different ways:

Starting from “Easy Print & Scan”:

The admin can go to Easy Print & Scan > Integrated Scanning button > Add Quick Scan button > select one of the cloud destinations, listed above. Each cloud destination must be enabled as an add-on, so once the admin selects a cloud destination on the Quick San editor, there will be a link taking the admin to the specific scan-to add-on tile to continue the process. Instructions are included in the workflow. The admin will be directed to continue editing the Quick Scan they just created and then go to each individual printer (that supports Integrated Scanning, as per brands mentioned) to enable the Quick Scan toggle.

Starting from “Add-ons”:

The admin may also start the workflow by first going to the Add-ons section > select the scan-to add-on > add it to the org then follow the steps already mentioned: Go to Easy Print & Scan > Integrated Scanning button > Add Quick Scan button. Then go to Printers > select a compatible printer > Apps subtab > Integrated Scanning section > enable Quick Scans toggle.

Printer brands that aren’t compatible with Integrated Scanning will not have the “Integrated Scanning” section under its “Apps” subtab.