Available in PaperCut MF only.

Device scripting


You can also use Print scripting to define and fine tune your printing policies.

Have you ever been asked to introduce color page quotas or to restrict who has access to color copying? Maybe the existing pricing structure that you use doesn’t give you the flexibility that you need? Device scripting allows you to implement copy, scan, and fax policies (such as limiting color copying) that will change user's behavior at the MFD, saving your organization money and of course, helping the environment. You can also use these policies to implement differential chargingDifferential charging allows you to charge different amounts for different types of documents or for different types of printers. You can use this feature to discourage users from using a particular printer for certain types of print jobs.For example, an inkjet color printer is ideal for photos or the occasional color page but should not be used print 1000-page black and white documents when the heavy duty laser printer is located just down the corridor. You can apply differential charging based on the print job settings. For example, you can charge more for color printing than black and white, more for simplex than duplex, or more for A3 than A4. based on various factors such as the time of day, the account being charged, or the user performing the job.

PaperCut NG/MF's advanced scripting interface is a powerful and flexible feature that you can use to define and fine tune your user's experience at the MFD. While there are many features you can enable or change in the Admin web interface, scripting your own behavior introduces a whole new level of customization.

The functionality available via scripting is varied and is constantly being extended based on customer demand. Some common uses include:


If you set up a daily quota limit, there is a way to override the limit for an individual or group if needed. For more information, see Working with Scripting Properties.

All of the above are possible by writing a small JavaScript directly into a code editor in the Admin web interface. In fact, the above functionality is provided as pre-built recipes ready to use, just like you can with Print scripting. Alternatively, you can build your own scripts to suit your organization's needs.

At a high level, advanced scripting provides the ability to:

  • Adapt logic based on copy, scan, and fax job attributes such as cost, pages, document name, time, etc.

  • Modify job attributes and behavior such as limiting color page copies, or having a different cost model for different user groups.

This section contains the following topics:


Print scripting can be used only for print jobs. PaperCut MF also offers Print scripting for defining and fine tuning your printing policies.