PaperCut Hive Bulk Deployment Best Practices

PaperCut Hive Bulk Deployment Best Practices for Windows

(macOS coming soon!)

PaperCut Hive’s Client for Windows when downloaded via the PaperCut Hive Invite Email, or from the Hive Admin Bulk Downloaded page, will install all the necessary services and processes required to print via the PaperCut Printer. This is a great option for SMB organisations that allow End Users the ability to install software.

But what about Bulk Installation? Many larger organizations may also want to control their software deployments and track what is installed via software deployment tools such as InTune or SCCM/Endpoint Manager to deploy. Businesses who do not have software deployment tools may want to deploy to their masses via Group Policy as an example.

If your organization has InTune or SCCM then we already have you covered. We have a nifty InTune Add-On already baked into Hive and we’ve recently updated our online Hive Manual to include SCCM/MS EndPoint Manager instructions for rolling out in bulk. But what if you have neither of these tools or want to use a different method like scripting via Group Policy?

So glad you asked! But first let’s break down what our install will do if downloaded via the Email Invite.

Default Process for Small Business without Software Deployment Tools

The PaperCut Hive Windows Edge Node/Print Client installer actually has two parts of importance to us that are based on rights and user context.

#1 Edge Node Service Installation

System Level Permission

Creation of Edge Node Services and installation of related processes located in “c:\Program Files\PaperCut Hive” Creation of the PaperCut Printer Object

#2 User Component/Print Client Installation

User Context Permission

Installation of Print Client processes in c:\user\AppData\local\Progams\PaperCut Hive directory. Linking of User Token

What is important to remember about this setup process, is that the first part, #1, requires privilege elevation to create services. After that part of the setup routine is successful, then the next step, #2, is to install files into the logged in Windows user profile directories to finish the process. We also create Windows Registry entries related to the Hive Print Client. These entries will start these processes at logon, while the services related to the Edge Node will start at Windows OS startup.

Bulk Deployment Scenarios with Software Tools or GPO Script Bulk Deployment, regardless of the deployment tool or method, requires careful planning, regardless of the software being deployed.

  • Users/Groups in play for receiving the software
  • Deployment Software updated
  • Understanding the installation routine of software being deployed (covered above)
  • User actions post deployment
  • Log review of successful/unsuccessful deployment
  • Rollback strategy if required

We can generalize bulk deployment of PaperCut Hive Windows Deployment as 2 parts. Edge Node Service installation and related components and the Print Client installation on processes within the logged in user’s context. Both of these routines require keys to pass to our Cloud for validation. Which brings us to our next topic!

Copying Keys for installation

We will use the same installation strategy as the Intune Add-on. By adding the InTune Add-On, we can view the instructions and see the process for the Edge Node Service and Print Client. We will copy the keys needs for our installation with the following steps:

  • In the PaperCut Hive Admin Page go to “Manage-Add-Ons” and add the InTune Add-On
  • Click on the InTune Add-On, And “Follow these instructions”
  • Click “View set up process” A new browser tab will open up displaying the InTune add-on setup process
  • Copy the install string from Step 4 and paste into a word processor or text editor
  • Copy the install string from Step 5 and paste into a word processor or text editor

Our installer is an exe with the ability to have arguments run at time of execution as the following:

Edge Node Installation- Installs the EdgeNode Service and related components only. No user context related files will be installed

  • The syntax will look like this as an example: papercut-hive.exe /VERYSILENT /systemkey=“Key Copied from Step 4 of the InTune add-on or from the Edge Node Bulk Download”
  • Requires elevated privileges
  • Location - c:\Program Files\PaperCut Hive

Print Client Installation- Installs the Print Client related executables/processes into the logged in users context directory

  • The syntax will look like this as an example: papercut-hive.exe /VERYSILENT /CURRENTUSER /userkey=“Key Copied from Step 5 of the InTune add-on”


Once the Print Client installation has completed successfully there is a requirement for the linking process for the Print Client to be run. This process is run by the End User via the PaperCut Hive Email Invite as they would if installing themselves. Users will need to click the “Get Started” button in the email invite and the linking process will automatically start in the background. That is the final step and now the PaperCut Printer will be available. Downloading the PaperCut Hive setup will not be necessary.

Still have questions?

Let us know! Feel free to leave a comment below or visit our Support Portal for further assistance. For more information about PaperCut Pocket and Hive, check out the PaperCut Pocket and Hive Help Center.

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