Unable to edit CUPS config file

If you’re setting up a new Print Server, or adding new Printers to a Mac as per the Add/Remove Printers on Mac documentation:

  • Ensure that you have at least one Print queue set up on your Mac
  • Run /Applications/PaperCut NG/Control Printer Monitoring.command

If you then see errors in the Terminal app relating to: Unable to edit CUPS config file or Incorrect password

Then you can also try running the ‘configure cups’ command manually:

  • Open the ‘Terminal’ application on the Mac
  • Run:
    sudo su
    (that should elevate you to run as root, and ask for your admin password)
  • Run:
    cd /Applications/PaperCut\ NG/providers/print/mac/
    (or wherever you have installed PaperCut on your machine, to change directory to the print provider’s ‘mac’ directory)
  • Run:
    (that should run the command manually to register the printers, running as root from above)
  • Set each printer in the list as you require - e.g. (E)nable/(D)isable/(L)eave

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