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Toshiba Print Driver asks you to Specify LDAP Server when printing


A small number of PaperCut customers have reported to PaperCut Support that when printing with some Toshiba print drivers they recieve a popup (shown below) asking for a LDAP server. This prevents printing.

This functionality is not required in the print driver as PaperCut will already have authenticated the print job. You can turn this feature off by going to Devices and PrinterRight click on printer - Select PropertiesDevice Settings tab and unticking Update Automatically, then setting Account SettingsUser AuthenticationOff.

Alternatively, we have had it reported that selecting “PaperCut” in the drop down list works in some environments. This is not a configuration that we actively support, but it may work for you.

Categories: Troubleshooting Articles , Devices


Last updated January 8, 2020