Slow Printing on Some Sharp Copiers

In late 2012 some PaperCut customers reported symptoms of slow printing on some Sharp copiers. The symptoms include a pause of several seconds between print jobs sent to the device.

PaperCut Technical Support has been advised the device is designed to behave in this fashion to allow the copier to accurately confirm job details with applications like PaperCut. The copier will pause in between print jobs in order to confirm the job details before it starts printing, however since all print jobs are managed by PaperCut directly, this delay is not needed for PaperCut to accurately record job details sent to the copier.

We understand that there is a software switch in the MFD firmware that can be modified in order to remove this delay. This setting can be configured by a certified Sharp technician. The Sharp Sim switch number is listed below:

Sim55–03 Switch 24 - bit7 (enable job queuing for OSA application)

PaperCut customers that have made this change have not reported any issues.

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