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Showing or forgetting the most recently used Shared Accounts


Forgetting the last Shared Account Selection in the User Client

(Forcing the user to choose a shared account each time - i.e. how to configure the user client to forget the last shared account chosen).

By default the Shared Account popup remembers the last used account. This can be useful in some environments, but in other environments users may forget to change the selection to the proper account, and land up mis-charging a large number of jobs to the last used account. To get around this you can create a placeholder shared account so that it will always show ‘Select the Shared Account to charge…’.

To do this, you’ll need to do the following steps:

  1. Create a dummy Shared Account, e.g. called ‘HiddenAccount’
  2. Set the security for the account so that no users or groups have access to that Shared Account, under the ‘Security’ tab for the Account
  3. Set the Account Selection for the user(s) under Users → [select user] → Account Selection, to ‘Show the standard account selection popup’
  4. Set the ‘Default Shared Account’ to your dummy account created above - e.g. ‘HiddenAccount’
  5. Apply the changes and test

What is happening in the background is that each time it pops up the client window, it will try to set the drop down to the default Shared Account set for that user - since the user doesn’t have access, this will fail, and it will then display the default ‘Select the Shared Account to charge…’ option instead.

PaperCut MF Device/MFP Specific Information

Some PaperCut sites have hundreds or even thousands of Shared Accounts - but it is a fact of life that users will each use the same few accounts again and again. We’ve recognized this fact for a long time and this is why the Advanced Account Selection client has a handy list of recently used accounts.

Until recently, users selecting an account at the MFP device or using Web Print have not been so fortunate. In release 13.4, we now keep track of recently used accounts for these users also and by default, put the two most recently used accounts at the top of the account list. This was applied when selecting shared accounts for copy/scan/fax jobs. From version, 19.0 it is applicable when selecting shared accounts at the MFD for print jobs too.

You can configure the number of recently used accounts to show. And if you want, you can turn off this feature by setting this number to zero.

  • If you are using PaperCut MF, you will find this option in the Admin interface under Options → General in the Account Options section.

  • You may also use the Config editor to set the key: “user.shared-accounts.recent-accounts-to-list-first”. Note that this value should be no greater than the value for: “client.config.recent-accounts-to-remember”.

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Last updated August 11, 2021