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Secondary Print Server version does not match the primary server version


PaperCut Software attempts to maintain basic backwards compatibility with the secondary server. This means you can upgrade your primary server, and stagger the upgrade of secondary print servers.

However, you cannot run a secondary server version that is newer than the primary server. The reason is that as new features are added the protocol between the primary and secondary server can change. If the secondary server is running a newer version than the primary server it might try to make use of features that don’t exist in the older primary server.

For this reason your primary server must always be running a newer (or the same) version as your secondary servers.

When performing upgrades:

  • Upgrade the primary server first.
  • Then upgrade the secondary servers.

If installing a new secondary print server:

  • Check the version of the PaperCut Primary server (on About tab)
  • Ensure you install this version (or earlier) on the Secondary servers.
  • A good way to achieve this is to upgrade your primary server first, and then install the new secondary server.

Symptoms of the mismatched versions

When the secondary server is newer than the primary server, this may result in problems with print tracking. In some cases tracking may continue but some features may not work as expected. In extreme cases no print monitoring will occur at all.

When these problems arise errors will be logged in the print-provider.log file. Some examples of what these errors may look like include:

Fault returned from server: java.lang.NoSuchMethodException: ... getPrinterConfig( ... )


Fault returned from server: java.lang.NoSuchMethodException: ... processPrintJob3( ... )

To resolve these you need to either

  • upgrade your primary server to match the secondary server version
  • uninstall the secondary server and install the version that matches the primary server.

Previous versions are available here: Download past/old PaperCut NG versions

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Last updated July 5, 2023