SQL Server connection problems

PaperCut can run on an external database like SQL Server. The setup process is described in the manual here: https://www.papercut.com/products/ng/manual/ch-ext-db.html.

If you receive errors like the following when you try to connect to the SQL Server database, this indicates that PaperCut cannot connect to the SQL Server TCP/IP port.

    Network error: IOException: Connection refused: connect

The most common causes for this error are:

  • SQL Server is not configured to use TCP/IP, or the standard port (1433) is not being used.
  • The connection to the server is being blocked by a firewall, or there is some other network connectivity issue.

To check that you can connect to the SQL Server port from the PaperCut server, open a command prompt (cmd.exe) and try the following command:

   telnet sqlservername 1433 

If this fails, then it’s likely that you are encountering one of the above problems.

To check if TCP/IP is enabled in SQL Server, you can do use the SQL Surface Area tool. Start → Programs → Microsoft SQL Server 2005 → Configuration Tools → SQL Server Surface Area Configuration → Configuration for Services and Connections → Remote Connections.

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