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Report FAQs


If you’re looking for answers to questions about data discrepancies in the reports, an explanation about page counts, or differences in page counts / user data between the dashboard and the reports, then please take a look at the Report Data FAQs.

A quick how-to generate reports video is shown below. It covers some tips and tricks on generating printing reports from PaperCut’s admin interface.

1. Where can I see a list of all the reports?

You can see all built-in / one-click reports by logging into the admin interface and selecting the Reports tab. Take a tour of reports available in PaperCut.

2. What are the reports available other than one-click reports?

  • ad-hoc reports are available from the Reports tab. These reports allow specifying many reporting options such as a date range or filters.
  • Logs based reports (or a report with a lot of data) can be exported to CSV / Excel and further manipulation can be performed on the data using Excel.
  • Other reports can be constructed via the print log table, such as the logs for a shared account, filter controls can be used on the table to get the data required, then the export or report buttons below the table can be used to produce a report.
  • Scheduled reports are available via Reports → Schedule / Email Reports . They allow you to set up reports that are automatically generated and periodically emailed to given addresses or saved to the server hard drive for later use or automatic importing into 3rd party systems.

3. Is there a way to print or export a report showing environmental impact?

Environmental impact summary reports by printer and user are available in version 8.5. We have also added Environmental impact summary report by office, department, group in version 9.

4. Can I manipulate report data further?

Most reports can also be produced as a CSV/Excel file using Export or Excel icon button. Once the data is in Excel the data can be manipulated further.

5. Can I create custom reports?

Yes, there are several options for producing custom reports. For details see the article CustomReports.

6. How can I automatically email or save reports?

Yes. Read the Emailing reports article, to save Reports to file, please review Chapter 9 - Scheduling and Emailing Reports.

7. Is there a report showing date, comment, number of pages, page size, color and costs?

Yes. Print Log Reports contain all the information which you are looking for in a report. (i.e. date, comment, number of pages, page size, color and costs). You can access under Reports→ Printer → Print Log Reports→ Print logs .

8. Can I change the logo or add my address to the report header?

Yes. Read the customizing report header article.

9. Can I get a report of the jobs which were denied?

Yes. We do have a “Denied print jobs” report under Reports → Printer → Print Log Reports.

10. Is there a report that shows paper attributes and account charged?

Yes. PaperCut has one–click shared account reports are available for this purpose. The report which you are looking for is “Shared account printing - job type summary” available under Reports → Account tab.

11. Can I show all jobs that came from a specific IP address?

PaperCut does track the workstation from where the job was originated however we log the host name in preference to the IP address if known (because IP addresses can change). You can view the print logs from the originating workstation by applying a print log filter under Printers → Print log → show filter. Set “Client” to the host name which will allow you to view the print logs from a particular host, then select the export button.

12. Can I get a report which shows a summary for printing by group?

Yes. “Group printing-user summary (adhoc)” report allows you to enter the group name and will list all the print jobs of the users in that particular group.

13. Can I show all jobs printed from a particular print server?

Yes. The report you are looking for is “Printer usage - summary “. Select Ad-hoc from the drop down box and click on one of the report icons (i.e PDF, HTML, CSV). You can then specify the period and server name and generate the report.

14. Can I show all the students with greater than $1 in their account?

Yes. You can get a list of those students by applying the filter under Users → show filter. Set the “Balance between” field and click on “Apply Filter”. To export the student list click on the “export” link at the bottom of the page. You can also get this list via User List (adhoc) Report.

15. Can I show how much paper I’m saving by using hold/release?

Yes. PaperCut has one–click shared account reports are available for this purpose. The report which you are looking for is “Unreleased jobs paper saving - summary” available under Reports → Printer tab.

16. Can I edit the names of the reports?

Selecting Ad-hoc from the drop down list available next to the name of the report, gives you the functionality to edit the names of the report.

17. Can I ask PaperCut to add new reports to the system ?

We are always looking for new/innovative ideas for reports and add them based on popularity. If you think your idea could benefit other users as well please take the time to submit your request by using our Contact us page. Alternatively we also now have a number of options to produce your own reports within PaperCut - for more information on that, check out the Custom Reporting with PaperCut help page.

18. How can I get a report that displays Card/Id numbers?

This information is available in the User List and User summary CSV (Excel) reports. Typically we display more information in the CSV reports because there is no limitation of space in CSV reports unlike PDF/HTML reports.

NOTE: if you’re not seeing the card numbers listed in the report, but all the other data is showing correctly, check that Options → General → Display Options → Make Card/Identity Number visible is checked.

19. How do I change the time of day that scheduled reports run?

See the Advanced reporting options page of the manual for more detail - but in short, if you’re using version 21.0.3 or above, you can alter the config key schedule.daily-maintenence-reports to change the schedule reports run-time, without altering the other maintenance tasks.

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Last updated February 15, 2024