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It’s very common that print summary reports are emailed to managers in businesses or deans of a particular department/faculty in education. PaperCut provides the facility of emailing reports based on shared account usage to faculty/department head. Filters are available in PaperCut which allows reports to be generated according to the shared account name. Filter can be set by adding the shared account name under Reports → Schedule / Email Reports → Schedule a new report. (E.g. sending Science department head a printing summary report of all the users in the Science department). Setting up the right filter is really important for emailing the desired report.

Scenario :

In a school there are 16 teachers, 4 departments and 4 teachers in each department and one of the teachers in each department is the head of the department. Departments are: Science, English, Maths, Hindi. If printing needs to be monitored in all the 4 departments then 4 accounts will be set up in PaperCut ( i.e. Science, English, Maths, Hindi).

To set up a report that is automatically send to each department head summarizing printing against their department account use the following procedure:

First we will set up the weekly reports for Science department

  1. Make sure the Email Options under Options→ Notifications are configured.
  2. Schedule these reports from Reports → Schedule / Email Reports → Schedule a new report.
    1. Under shared account reports select the “Shared account printing-User summary”
    2. Add the shared account name as Science.
    3. It is recommended to change the title of the report to something like “Science department Weekly Print Report”.
    4. Select the format of report (E.g. PDF).
    5. Select weekly under Report field.
    6. Select By email under Delivery field.
    7. Add the Science department head’s Email address under Email address field.

Repeat the procedure for all the different departments.

More detail about emailing reports can be obtained from:

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