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Konica Minolta embedded application shows "Connecting to server"


This KB article relates to PaperCut MF, the edition of PaperCut that implements copier control.

Q When I press the on-screen “Login” button in the Konica Minolta embedded application, the device panel shows “Connecting to server” for an extended time. How can I fix this?

Please check the following:

  1. Is the device’s network connection functional?

  2. Is there a useful error message displayed in the PaperCut admin interface at “Devices → [device] → Device status” (gray box)?

  3. Try switching off the device for 5 seconds and switching it on again. This may resolve some network connectivity issues.

  4. Can the device connect to the PaperCut server on port 9192? You may need to check routers and firewalls, including the Windows software firewall. A good way to test this is to telnet to the server’s IP address on port 9192 (telnet 9192).

  5. Check the manual of the PaperCut embedded application for Konica Minolta for requirements on certificate verification settings in the device’s web interface and verify that all these requirements have been met. In particular:

    • Check that Certificate Verification has been disabled in the Network → OpenAPI section (“Do not request”/”Do not confirm”).
    • Check that Certificate Verification in the Security section (on newer devices only) has been set to OFF.
  6. What is the IP address of the primary server? When starting the application server service, e.g. after a reboot or, in Windows, through Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services > PaperCut Application Server, you will find a line like this in the log file [app-path]/server/logs/server.log:

    # System details: max memory: 910.5 MB, processors: 4, free space: 35,464.3 MB, hostname: myserver, IP addresses: [,] (Primary:, runtime: 1.7.0_45-b18, time-zone: Australia/Sydney, calendar: GregorianCalendar, locale: en_AU, encoding: UTF-8

    The Konica Minolta device uses the primary IP address to contact the PaperCut server. If you want it to use another address, e.g. if you have multiple interfaces, please change the option “” in the Config Editor (Advanced), which you will find in the administrator web interface on the “Options” tab, under “Actions” on the left (not to be confused with the Config Editor on the “Devices” tab). Once changed, restart the application server for this to take effect.

  7. Does the device have the latest firmware installed? Connection problems may occur with older firmware versions on some devices. Please check with your Konica Minolta supplier for the version number of the latest firmware available and compare with what you find in the device’s web interface.

  8. Some customers have reported the situation improving when enabling the NTP server on the device. The relationship between NTP and the “Connecting to server …” problem is not entirely clear, however it is worth giving a try.

  9. Check whether other MFD embedded or server applications might be interfering with PaperCut, e.g. Konica’s own PageScope Enterprise Suite has been found to interfere even when deactivated.

  10. If none of the above helps, we recommend using WireShark to capture a network trace of packets transmitted by the MFD during the logon process. Make sure to capture from a PC on the same LAN segment as the MFD with no routers/switches in between. Send the trace as a PCAP file to support to help with diagnosing.

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Last updated January 8, 2020