[Legacy] iPad Printing and Proxy Servers

Please note that this information pertains to an older PaperCut BYOD printing solution called iOS Print which will only work on macOS PaperCut servers. However we recommend a newer solution called Mobility Print which is much more versatile and robust. It also can be installed on any type of PaperCut server and enable BYOD printing for a broader variety of devices.

Q: My users can select the print option OK, but when I open the PaperCut App, the jobs don’t list?

(Please see the ‘alternative solution’ below if you’re using PaperCut version 14.2 or later)

There could be a number of reasons for this. The first step is to check that the job has arrived in the Mac system’s print queue. It should be listed under the user “guest” (iOS6 or below) or user “mobile” (iOS7 and above). The job at that point needs to be authenticated. PaperCut does this by matching the job’s originating IP address with the IP address of the iPad. This is done using the PaperCut Web Clip app on the iPad. If there is a proxy server in between the iPad and the PaperCut server, this IP address matching may fail.

The key is to ensure the iPads connect directly to the PaperCut server and not pass via the proxy server. The PaperCut server uses the IP address of the connection to identify the device. A direct connection is required to ensure that PaperCut can uniquely identify the device.

If you are using a proxy server, you should ensure that the proxy is not used when connecting to the PaperCut server. Typically this is done via your proxy configuration by ensuring that the PaperCut server (name and/or IP) is configured as DIRECT. If you are using auto-config PAC files the following resources may be helpful:


The linked Wikipedia page is generic and all proxies are different. You may also need to look through your proxy’s documentation on how to install this service or configure bypass.

Alternative solution if you are using PaperCut version 14.2 or later

You can now configure Trusted Proxy Servers in PaperCut, so that mobile clients logging in can now potentially pass through a Proxy. Please see this link for more information on that.

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