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Troubleshooting Escrow (Insufficient Funds) when users try to login to devices


How does escrow configuration impact ‘insufficient funds’ errors?

Escrow issues can present with restricted users reporting insufficient funds when using a shared account or on their personal account if they have logged into multiple devices at the same time. Escrow issues can also occur when a shared account has been set to restricted and then logged into by multiple users at the same time even if the user is not restricted after ext-device.escrow-enabled.shared-accounts has been set to Y.

By default when the account is restricted, the full balance of the users account will be held in escrow by the device until the user logs out or 20 minutes of inactivity.

Insufficient funds can also be reported for users if shared accounts are enabled and set to restricted. The first user will be able to logon while the second user will be informed there is insufficient funds in the account until the first user logs out.

This will also prevent users from performing copies on devices with zero stop enabled if the balance is being held on another device waiting for the user to logout as their open balance will be reported as zero by the application server.


To troubleshoot this error you can check to see what settings have been enabled in the application server. Escrow settings can be enabled globally or in a few cases by device, the device settings will override the global settings.

You can check the global escrow settings under Options → Advanced (Config editor).

For the Konica Minolta and Sindoh brands you can also check their settings under Devices → Select the device in question then Advanced Config and search for escrow. You will also find references to these settings in the embedded manual for each device.

Below is a brief explanation of each of the settings and their default values.

Config key name                        Description
ext-device.escrow-enabledBy default this option is set to Y and creates an escrow hold on the funds for the personal account that is logging in to use functions on the device. Setting this to N will bill the users account at time of release or after the job has completed, this can cause overages on users accounts if they log onto to print or copy from multiple devices at the same time.
ext-device.escrow-enabled.shared-accountsBy default this option is set to N and does not place an escrow hold on shared accounts. If set to Y it can cause issues when more than one user tries to charge to a shared account from a device.
ext-device.escrow-timeout-minsSet to DEFAULT (20 minutes) - this is how long the escrow funds will be held before we logout if no further transaction information is sent. Often by reducing this value to 5 will reduce the impact on users.
ext-device.max-escrowDefault is −1 - This is the maximum escrow amount. If this value is set to less then zero, the entire available balance will be held for this transaction.

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Last updated July 5, 2021