How to Migrate from Presto to Mobility Print

If your organization uses Presto in tandem with PaperCut to enable printing from iOS devices, then you can continue to use it as is. However if you’ve discovered the awesomeness of Mobility Print and would like to start using it to enable printing from Chrome, Android, and Windows devices as well then keep reading.

Presto and PaperCut Mobility Print both leverage the way that Apple devices natively discover services on the network using the mDNS or DNS-SD protocols. If you’re curious what these records look like or how they work, have a look at our DNS-SD Record Examples.

If you’re ready to make the switch then have a look at our steps for migration below.

Migration Steps

  1. Uninstall Presto from the Print Server (or make sure that the service is completely stopped during testing).
  2. Delete the B and LB pointer records in DNS that point to your Presto server.
  3. Setup Mobility Print by following the steps in the manual and check out the Mobility Print Help Center

Need help?

We’ve helped numerous customers plan a graceful transition to Mobility Print from other BYOD printing solutions. Let us know if you’d like a hand, and we’d be more than happy to walk you through the process. Feel free to leave a comment below or visit our Support Portal for further assistance.

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