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Licensing PaperCut NG in a Cluster


PaperCut NG can support server clustering on both Microsoft servers (Clustering Services) and Linux. PaperCut is licensed on a domain/site wide basis and the one license will cover all servers, including multiple nodes inside a cluster. There is no need to purchase a separate license for each node.

PaperCut NG is licensed via a digitally signed license file. This license file needs to be installed on each installed instance of the PaperCut Application Server. In a cluster environment, the Application Server component is often installed on two or more nodes to provide a degree of redundancy and load distribution. The license needs to be installed on each node. This can be accomplished in two ways. Option 1 is often the most convenient on a currently live system.

Option 1 - Manual copy

Install the license via the standard procedure as explained in the user guide. Manually copy the file:

C:\Program Files\PaperCut NG\server\application.license

from the currently active node and copy across to the same location on other nodes. This file contains the digitally signed license and its presence will license all nodes.

Option 2 - Simulated node failure

Install the license via the standard procedure as explained in the user guide. This will license the currently active node. Simulate node failure so the other node becomes active. Wait a few seconds for the other node to activate, and then repeat the procedure on this node.

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Last updated January 9, 2020