Automated Application Server Removal

PaperCut supports the automated, or scripted, installation of the Application Server, Secondary Print Server, User Client and Web Print module. For more information please consult the following pages:

  1. Automated PaperCut Server Deployment
  2. Automating / Streamlining Installation on Windows

If you wish to remove the above listed components, you can do so by using the unins000.exe file located in the PaperCut folder on the primary server, secondary server, web print server or client workstation. You can automate the removal of PaperCut so that no user interaction is required by running unins000.exe in a script with the /verysilent command-line option.


C:\Program Files (x86)\PaperCut NG\unins000.exe /verysilent

Note: If you’re looking to remove the PaperCut User client from your workstation, take a look at this article on Uninstalling the PaperCut User Client.

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