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Q Is the product capable of authenticating directly to a LDAP or Active Directory setup? Or does it just import users? If this is the case is there a system to schedule syncing?

PaperCut NG both imports users from a user directory and also uses that directory for authentication. It supports a number of different user directories (Active Directory and LDAP, and if running on Linux/Mac we can make use of Samba and NIS, OpenDirectory, eDirectory etc.). PaperCut also has a pluggable authentication system, to provide complete flexibility for sites that use a non-standard system.

PaperCut imports users from your directory and keeps a record of each user in it’s database. This allows PaperCut to track things like account balances and user settings. PaperCut will automatically add new users to it’s database when the user first prints (if they are not in the PaperCut database already). PaperCut also has an option to automatically re-sync with your directory nightly.

PaperCut uses the directory authentication to authenticate users when they login to the system. PaperCut NG has an end-user web site, where users can login and look at their printing history and a variety of other things. For users to logon to this the users must use their domain username/password.

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