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Accounting Autoload Command


Q What is the Accounting Autoload Command under Novell iPrint?

The Accounting Autoload Command is a setting in Novell iPrint (found under Health Monitor) that allows programs such as PaperCut to hook into the print process to account, control and limit print jobs. The command (an external binary) is started by ipsmd and passed information about print events. It also has the opportunity to control print action such as hold jobs, deny or allow.

PaperCut uses the Accounting Autoload Command hook to interface with iPrint. Even though the command relates to “accounting” this does not mean that this is all PaperCut can do. PaperCut is also able to manage other aspects of printing under OES Linux including:

  • Implementing print policies rules
  • Routing print jobs based on conditions such as:
    • Large jobs to high volume printers
    • Stop printing of emails in color
    • Suggesting use of duplex if simplex is selected by accident
  • Full logging of print job details
  • Reporting of printer use

A trial version of the software is available for download on this website.

Q How do I temporarily disable PaperCut from tracking my iPrint Queues?

If papercut is removed from the Accounting Autoload Command, and the Print Manager restarted, PaperCut will no longer intercept and process print jobs. Do this on all queues to affectively “remove” PaperCut from your print queues. You may choose to do this to say help diagnose a difficult issue.

Also see: PaperCut Feature Tour

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Last updated January 8, 2020