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Mobile apps for your phone or tablet

When you upgrade your front door to use a pin-pad lock or even a smart-lock, you often get more security and it’s more convenient! Not only do you not have to worry about a lost or stolen key, but in addition, you can just walk up and let yourself in with a code, almost by magic. It’s a win-win.

That’s exactly what our Mobile Apps do for printing.

Not only do your users feel that their print jobs are safer (they can use their mobile app to release their own print job, so that no-one else accidentally takes it), they can also do a lot more with the print jobs too. Forgot to print it in black and white? Or need an extra copy? No problem - change it in the app!.

Looking for the mobile apps?

Head over to the Getting started for end users page for more details about how to install the mobile apps. In short, you’ll need your welcome email from your friendly IT administrator at your organization. That will contain your personalized link to download the app!

Printing from your mobile phone

When you invite users to your organization to print, the welcome email and setup process gets them up and running with the PaperCut Printer, and walks them through setting up their mobile device.

Both the iOS and Android apps are the gateway to printing from a mobile device, allowing users to print natively on either platform, just as they would to any other printer at home.


After users install the iOS app, they need to set up their PaperCut Printer by installing an iOS profile. This is done via the Profile menu (located in the top-right corner of the PaperCut Pocket or Hive mobile app), and selecting Print from this phone? Install Profile. Then just follow the steps displayed to finish the installation.

Time to print! Nothing new here - use the normal ‘Share sheet’ (the icon with the arrow coming out of the box!) from whatever application you’re using on your phone, and select Print. You should see the new PaperCut Printer listed in the available printers.


When installing the PaperCut mobile app on an Android device, the PaperCut Printer is set up by default. When the user wants to print from an Android device, they print as normal and select the PaperCut Printer. There’s no need to install a printing profile on Android due to the differences in the OS. Phew!

Releasing your print job from your mobile phone

This is where the magic happens! Normally at the point of printing, your document glides out of the printer - hopefully carefully into a tray awaiting your collection - but more likely onto the top of someone else’s printout, who then unwittingly picks it up and walks away with it.

With Pocket and Hive, the document doesn’t actually get released (printed) until you’re ready. Use the mobile app to:

  • see which jobs you have waiting to be printed
  • make changes to any jobs (color vs black and white, 2 sided vs single-sided, number of copies, or just delete it entirely)
  • release your job to the printer of your choosing - you’re in control! See Secure Print Release for more information on the different release methods available.
A PaperCut Pocket or Hive user securely releases their print job with the mobile app.
Securely releasing your print document by scanning the QR Code with the PaperCut Pocket or Hive app.

With more concerns about cleanliness around shared spaces and shared resources, using the Mobile App on your own phone is a great touchless method to securely release print jobs. No printer-touching mitts required!


No more waiting in the dark - did Ctrl/Cmd P work? Should I try again? Do you tilt your head slightly, in a comical attempt to see if you can faintly detect the printer warming up, 50 feet away?

If you have the Pocket or Hive Mobile app installed, you’ll get a handy iOS notification or Android notification to give you peace of mind as your print job is processed.

Notification types include:

  • Print Job Waiting (You just sent a print job, and congratulations! It’s ready and waiting for you to release it.)
  • Print Job Expiring Soon (If you printed something a while ago and you’re approaching the job timeout.)
  • The last printer you used is in error (If we know that your last used printer was in error, we’ll send you a friendly heads-up so that you don’t have to walk all the way there!)
Print notification showing 'Print Job Expiring soon' to let the user know that one of their print jobs is about to be deleted.
A notification reminder that your print job is about to expire is a handy prompt to head over to the printer on the way to the next meeting.

Mobile app frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What if all my Super Nodes go offline for some reason - can iOS users still print?

If all your Super Nodes go offline - maybe there’s a power cut, or you have one Super Node and it’s had coffee spilled over it - then iOS users will not be able to print, since they can’t reach the PaperCut Printer on the Super Nodes.

However, there’s good news! With the introduction of the Cloud Node, if you have the Cloud Node enabled, even if your Super Node goes down, iOS users will be able to continue to print.

Can I stop all notifications?
Absolutely! The notifications are built into the OS, so they’ll obey the usual do-not-disturb rules that you have set up. However, if you want to switch them off entirely, head into the Pocket or Hive Mobile App, then into your Profile, and then Notifications.
Do users have to use their Mobile App to release print jobs?
If you’re using PaperCut Pocket, users will need to us the Mobile App to identify themselves to release their print job. However if you’re using PaperCut Hive, you can also use the Hive Embedded App to log into the MFD/copier to release your print job - take a look at the secure print release options available.
If I have an Android phone, can I use 'native' NFC scanning?

Absolutely! What this means is that you don’t have to open the Pocket or Hive mobile app to be able to scan the NFC tag - it saves a bit of time! Unfortunately this is an Android-only feature at the moment, but here’s how you enable it if it isn’t already working:

  1. On your Android device, open the Settings menu
  2. Navigate to Apps > Application List > PaperCut Pocket or PaperCut Hive > Open by default
  3. For the Open supported links item, select Open in this app
  4. Scan the NFC tag on the printer to try it out!
Can I print from my phone if I’m not on the WiFi connection (for example if I’m on a cell connection, guest network, or at a coffee shop)?

Yes! With the recent introduction of the Cloud Node users can print from anywhere over any connection.

If you don’t enable the Cloud Node, the phones need to be able to connect to the Edge Node(s) on your network.

Can I release my print job from my phone if I’m not on the WiFi connection?

Yes! Your phone can chat to the cloud over your cell connection, and you can release your print job in exactly the same way as you would normally.

However, if the reason you’re using a cell connection is that your organization’s network is down, there might be other issues with getting the job to the printer (if your organization’s network is down and the printer can’t be contacted).

I have multiple Super Nodes, and now my iOS users see multiple ‘PaperCut Printer’ printers in their list - why?

We hear you! It’s been bugging us too - this is to do with the way that iOS displays a printer. In short, it will show a PaperCut Printer for every Super Node on the network, as long as it can ‘see it’ on the network - so if you have two Super Nodes and they are available, you’ll see two PaperCut Printer printers listed. We’re working on making this less confusing and just showing one printer - just like you’d expect it to behave!

However, no drama - no matter which one your users choose, printing should work as normal - it’s just a little confusing. Sorry about that!

Can I belong to two Pocket or Hive organizations at once?
At the moment you’ll have to choose your favorite. We’re looking into multi-organization support as a future feature, but at the moment you would have to uninstall the app and reinstall the app using your other organization identity.