Print Jobs not displayed on in the iPhone/iPad App

The PaperCut Mobile Client (iPhone/iPad App) uses the originating IP address to identify the user when printing from an iPhone or iPad. If you are accessing the PaperCut server via a proxy server, the originating IP address may be obscured by the proxy. As a result, no jobs are displayed in the iPhone/iPad App.

The X-Forwarded-For Header

Most proxy servers do retain the originating source address in an X-Forwarded-For HTTP header. This header lists the originating source address plus the address of each proxy server forwarding the message.

For security reasons, PaperCut by default does not trust the X-Forwarding-For header. To make use of this header and get your mobile clients to work via a proxy server, you must first add your proxy servers to PaperCut’s list of trusted proxy servers. PaperCut will use the remote IP address provided by the X-Forwarding-For header only if all hops are through a trusted proxy server and the final proxy server matches the source address of the message.

Interesting. How do I make it work?

Getting it all to happen is simple. You will need PaperCut 14.2 or higher. In the Admin interface:

  1. Go to OptionsAdvanced
  2. In the Security section, add the IP addresses of your proxy servers to the Trusted Proxy Server list.
  3. Click Apply

Your PaperCut iPhone/iPad App now works via your proxy server!

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