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Block release of print jobs to printers in error with Hardware Page Count enabled


Note: This functionality is available in PaperCut 16.4+.

PaperCut allows you to prevent the release of jobs to printers that are in error from the following Release Stations:

Note: PaperCut MF also allows you to prevent the release of jobs from MFD Release Stations, but this article relates specifically to web-based and Standard Release Stations.

There is, however, one thing you need to check to make sure it will work without a hitch.

If you have hardware page count validation enabled, you cannot prevent the release of jobs to printers with an error that is ignored by the hardware check. This is because errors excluded from the hardware check are not reported to the Windows print queue, which is where PaperCut detects the error events that prevent the release of a job.

Note: As of version 17.4.2 of PaperCut MF and PaperCut NG, the Print Provider on Windows print servers can be reconfigured to use SNMP to check for printer error states, instead of solely relying on updates from the Windows print queue. Using SNMP based detection, as the Print Provider does by default for macOS and Linux print servers, may result in error states being reported more quickly and responsively. If you’re finding that some print jobs are being improperly released before an error state is discovered to have afflicted the relevant print queue at that point in time, you might want to test enabling the ErrorPollMethod=snmp option found in the print-provider.conf on your Windows print server.

If you don’t have hardware page count validation enabled, it should work just fine so you don’t need to read any further. Even if you do have hardware page count validation enabled, it should be fine if you have NOT modified either the:

  • list of errors to ignore in the hardware check (specified in print-provider.conf under HWCheckIgnoreErrors=)
  • list of errors that will prevent the release of jobs (specified in ‘ext-device.block-release-on-error.snmp-error-list config key)

If you have hardware page count validation enabled and you have modified either of the error lists, grab a coffee as you have a bit more work to do. You need to make sure there are no errors included in both error lists. If there are, you need to:

  1. Decide whether you want to exclude the error from the hardware check OR prevent jobs being released when the error occurs—you cannot do both.
  2. Remove the error from one of the two lists.

Note: The name of the error states excluded in hardware page count validation are not the same as the error names used to block jobs from being released to devices in error. The table below provides a mapping of the hardware page count validation error state and the equivalent device in error state.

Error name mapping

Hardware page count validation error statePrinter in error state
Low PaperlowPaper
No PapernoPaper
Low TonerlowToner
No TonernoToner
Door OpendoorOpen
Service RequestedserviceRequested
Input Tray MissinginputTrayMissing
Output Tray MissingoutputTrayMissing
Marker Supply MissingmarkerSupplyMissing
Output Near FulloutputNearFull
Output FulloutputFull
Input Tray EmptyinputTrayEmpty
Overdue Prevent MaintenanceoverduePreventMaint

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Keywords: release station , hardware page count validation , printer errors


Last updated April 1, 2020