[Legacy] Presto iOS Printing

In PaperCut 17.0, we released Mobility Print which is a simple way to print from your Mobile & BYOD devices like iOS, Android, ChromeOS, Windows and MacOS, without needing to use a 3rd party solution.

We often hear about administrators refusing to allow BYOD printing at their organization because of the technical burden involved in setting it up. The need to support a number of various devices and their respective platforms, can lead to inconsistent experiences for users, making it difficult for admins to manage from both a back end and front end perspective.

Mobility Print is simple to set up and works across multiple platforms and provides a native mobile printing solution. As it is included as standard with PaperCut NG/MF, it allows printing from any device at a user’s disposal with all the usual benefits of having this printing behavior tracked.

Check out the Mobility Print Tour page and the Mobility Print Help Center for more information!

The information below has been kept for customers that are still using Presto in tandem with PaperCut, but may no longer be up to date.

Mobile Printing with Presto

Presto submits jobs into the Windows print queue on the behalf of the mobile user, and this behavior allows PaperCut to intercept these print jobs and incorporate them into the normal print job pipeline. As a result, all the normal PaperCut features like water marking, find-me-printing, page-level color detection, and print archiving are available to users printing from a mobile iOS device.


Note: There will be a couple of minutes during installation where PaperCut will not be able to track and control print jobs. It is advised that this installation process occurs during a period of acceptable downtime.

Note: In order to use shared account popups on iOS devices, you will need to use the ‘Enterprise’ version of Presto, as detailed on the Collobos Home Page, which includes the full ‘PaperCut Integration’ feature. Please contact Collobos for more information and pricing for their Enterprise product.

  1. Install Presto on the print server hosting the print queues that you want to share out (refer to Presto documentation)
  2. Ensure that the “guest” and “mobile” users in PaperCut has been marked as unauthenticated. Note - if you are running Presto version 1.5 or above, you will also need to create a “system” user in PaperCut and mark that as unauthenticated
  3. Install the PaperCut mobile web client (web clip) to each iOS device

Please ensure that any authentication changes are done within PaperCut, and not Presto. Presto’s security options need to be set to the default “everyone” group in order for authentication with PaperCut to work correctly (on older versions). If you’re using Presto version 1.5.482 or above, you can choose whether to enable authentication within Presto or PaperCut.

In summary, the behavior with Presto version 1.5.482 or below is:

  • ‘Security (iOS)’ disabled - the job will be not be tagged with a particular user, and will be created by the Presto app on behalf of the user. In this instance the username associated with the job will be ‘SYSTEM’. You should ensure that a user is created in the ‘Users’ tab in the PaperCut Admin Console for ‘SYSTEM’, and that the user is marked as ‘unauthenticated’. You will then use the PaperCut iOS app to authenticate as e.g. ‘tim’ and charge the job to the user’s account
  • ‘Security (iOS)’ enabled - you’ll be asked for your OS level username/password on the iOS device at the time of printing (see Presto Software documentation). If you look at the Server print queue, you’ll see the job appear with your own username. PaperCut will use this username to charge the job to. For example if you printed a document from the iOS device and authenticated as ‘tim’, then you would see the job owned by ‘tim’ in the Server print queue, and the job would be charged to the user ‘tim’ in PaperCut

In summary, the behavior with Presto version 1.5.482 or above is:

  • ‘Allow Guest’ - the behavior is the same as ‘Security (iOS) disabled’ mentioned above. The username associated to your print job will be ‘SYSTEM’ and you’ll be required to use the PaperCut iOS app to authenticate as e.g. ‘tim’ and charge the job to the user’s account
  • ‘Require Authentication’ - the behavior is the same as ‘Security (iOS) enabled’ mentioned above. You’ll be asked for your OS level username/password the first time you send a print job
  • ‘Require Strict Authentication’ - you’ll be asked to enter your OS level username/password every time you send a print job

For more information on Presto integration, please see the Collobos Presto / PaperCut Integration Page (link to the Presto/Collobos site)

Printing and Authentication

Once all steps above have been completed, your printers will now be shared to iOS devices from your Windows print server. When you print a job from your iOS device, you will need to log into the PaperCut iOS app to authenticate the job correctly with a user set up in PaperCut.


For issues regarding installation of the Presto software, or licensing for the Presto software, please refer to the Collobos Website Support Page (link to the Presto/Collobos site)


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