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Can I make the messages that the client displays larger?


This article applies to the Windows operating system

The message (e.g. low quota, print job pending release, etc.) displays in the client as Windows task tray balloon items. We agree this is a little small at times, however this is “the way Windows works” and we don’t have much control over this (We’re just following Microsoft UI guidelines for non-mandatory messages). Some sites may prefer modal dialog boxes instead. You can force the client to use popup dialog boxes instead - a little more “in your face”.

Forcing the client tool to deliver notifications using dialogs

The client tool can be forced to deliver notifications using standard windows dialogs instead of balloon tips. This can be done on an individual system when the client tool is installed locally, or for all systems by modifying the version of the client available on the network share.

To force standard dialogs, you can use the user client option called disable-balloon-tips. This option can also be set by adding a disable-balloon-tips=Y line (or uncommenting the existing line) to the client file located at [app-path]/client/win/.

An alternate option (advanced) is to enable this with the pc-client.exe start command-line option —disable-balloon-tips (e.g. place in your startup script or Group Policy start command).

Restart the client tool(s) and send a test notification. The notification should now appear in a standard dialog instead of a balloon tip.

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Last updated January 8, 2020