Five Things You Did Not Know Release Stations Could Do

Standard Release Station

Sample Customization

Color themes and images

Release stations can be customized or “skinned” to show your organization’s color scheme and logo in the same way the user client tool and user web tools can be customized. This ensures a consistent look across all end user facing components of your print management installation.

To customize the look of a release station, refer to the configuration items background-color, font-color and logo-image in the “Release Station Configuration” section of the manual.

Monitor more than one print queue

To minimize cost and maintenance efforts associated with release stations, use one release station for any group of printers located near one another, such as in a print room.

A release station can be configured to display jobs held for a number of printers. Refer to the configuration item show-jobs-from-queues in the “Release Station Configuration” section of the manual.

Queue load balancing

To further reduce cost associated with printer purchase and maintenance, release stations used for a group of identical or near-identical printers can maximize utilization of those printers by evenly distributing the load between those printers.

Instead of sending print jobs to specific printers, users send print jobs to virtual queues associated with print release stations, such as one per print room. At release time, the release station picks a printer for the job based on printer workload and error conditions and informs the user of the printer to collect the job from.

To configure virtual queues and assign them to release stations, please read the chapter “Find Me Printing and Printer Load Balancing” in the manual.

Find-me printing

Organizations operating a number of release stations with identical or near-identical printers at different locations in their building or campus may enable roaming users to find the nearest location to print a job through their choice of release station.

In this “Find-Me” regime, a print job sent off to a global, virtual queue will be listed on all participating release stations across the building or campus and will print on a printer near the release station it is released from.

To set up Find-Me printing, please read the chapter “Find Me Printing and Printer Load Balancing” in the manual.

Centralized configuration

Maintaining configurations of a set of release stations dispersed over a building or campus can literally involve a lot of ‘leg work’! Take advantage of an existing infrastructure of Windows file servers to run all release stations from a centralized file share, each with its own configuration file.

Per-machine Configuration files can easily be created using a naming scheme as shown in this screenshot, showing the directory [app-dir]\release:

The configuration files have the Windows machine name of the release station as their “middle name”. Settings in those files override the corresponding settings in the global file.

For more information on setting up and configuring release stations, see the file README.txt included in the directory [app-dir]\release or read the section “Release Station Configuration” in the manual.

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