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Please note that EFI’s Print Me Mobile is no longer offered for sale:

As detailed over on their website, “PrintMe Mobile will no longer be offered for sale as of March 31, 2016. EFI will continue supporting PrintMe Mobile until December 31, 2020 for customers with active Software Maintenance and Support Agreements.” More information.

PrintMe Mobile provides Wifi and email printing for a wide range of mobile devices, including iOS and Andriod devices. System administrators can choose to share printers to anonymous users or require mobile users to authenticate using their Windows or Active Directory login details.

PaperCut has worked with Efi, the developers of PrintMe Mobile, to ensure that the applications integrate seamlessly, giving administrators the ability to offer a truly cross-platform mobile printing solution. PrintMe Mobile submits jobs into the Windows print queue on the behalf of the mobile user. This behavior allows PaperCut to intercept these print jobs and incorporate them into the normal print job pipeline. As a result, all the normal PaperCut features like water marking, find-me-printing, page-level color detection, and print archiving are available to users printing off a mobile device.


Note: There will be a couple minutes during installation where PaperCut will not be able to receive print jobs. It’s advised that this installation occurs during a period of acceptable downtime.

  1. Install PrintMe Mobile on your print server (refer to PrintMe Mobile documentation).
  2. Ensure that exposed print queues require user authentication where appropriate
  3. If running PrintMe Mobile 2.4.1 or higher, under SETTINGS / Advanced tab, enable the following options:
    1. Ignore paused state
    2. Print as user
  4. After installation and configuration, manually restart the PaperCut Print Provider service.


  • Currently mobile users are unable to select an account to charge job to. Print queues shared with PrintMe Mobile need to have account selection popups disabled.
  • Versions prior to PrintMe Mobile 2.4.1 : Hold/release queues do not function as expected. The print queue will only hold 1 job at a time, blocking other users from submitting print jobs to that queue.

Future development

  • October 2013: PaperCut is pleased to report that PrintMe Mobile 2.4.1 and higher include a number of new features to improve interoperability with PaperCut.
  • March 2013: PaperCut is working with Efi to improve integration and address the limitations above.

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