Customizing Messages in the Client Tool

This KB article explains how to customize the text in the Print Job Notification window of the user client software. The main reason for changing the text is the need to use organization-specific terminology (e.g. shared account may be referred to as a cost center, department, project or matter).

A set of options is defined in the file located in the client directory

  • on the server:
  • on locally installed clients:

To enable these options, copy them to your file and remove the # from the start of the relevant lines. You can then change the text as needed.

For example, changing the line from:

#account-from-list-text=Charge to shared account


account-from-list-text=Charge to a cost center

will make the Print Job Notification window look like this after the client is restarted:

If you find that there is no option for the text that you wish to customize, please log a ticket (

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