RM CC3 and CC4 Considerations

PaperCut customers have reported issues with environments that include installations of RM CC3 and CC4. Specifically, communication between the PaperCut Primary Server and Secondary Server or User Client may be impacted. This knowledge base article provides suggested solutions to address these types of problems.

User client notifications will not display

CC3 and CC4 installations have been found to disable balloon notifications. The PaperCut user client uses two methods of communication to send messages such as Low Toner and Printing Denied to the user client; winpopup, and balloon notifications.

RM installations have been found to disable these notifications, resulting in no popups being received by the user about their printing. PaperCut can be configured to use its own internal popup mechanism, which sends notifications directly from the user client tool and bypasses the RM-disabled Windows notifications.

To do so, disable balloon tips in the user client by editing the config.properties file associated with the user client. Depending on how you deploy your user client, this can be in a number of places:


The config file for installations using the local cache install option can be found on the PaperCut application server under the following path - [app-path]\client\win\


The config file can be located in the folder where this executable is running from. If it is installed locally on computers it will need to be edited for each PC. If it is being run from the server, please edit the config.properties file on the server. Locations for each operating system are below:

  • Windows - [app-path]\client\win\
  • Linux - [app-path]\client\linux\
  • Mac - client\mac\PCClient.app\Contents\Resources\


The config file for these installations will be found in the install path configured.

Editing the config file

In the configuration file, there will be a configuration line similar to #disable-balloon-tips=Y. Remove the hash from this line and click Save. Once saved, restarting the PaperCut Client will update this configuration.

RM Network Monitor Service

The RM Network Monitor Service can stop logging information from a PaperCut Secondary server reaching the PaperCut Primary or Application server.

Communication between the Secondary Server and Primary Server relies on unrestricted opening of TCP connections via port 9191. Administrators should also ensure that any firewall software on the primary Application Server is not set to block any incoming local network traffic on this port.

When the RM Network Monitor Service is running it will block traffic on port 9191, leading to a disruption of communication between the Secondary and Primary servers. Print usage and control provided by PaperCut will be affected. At this time, this behaviour has been reported with Secondary servers running on Windows 2003 and Windows XP. Typically while the RM Network Monitor Service is running the printers from any Secondary servers will be displayed in the printer list in PaperCut but no print jobs will be logged for them. The RM Network Monitor Service is part of RM Auditor and can typically be found running from:

[app-path]/Research Machines/Auditor/Network Monitor

To resolve the problem either disable the service or contact RM for information on how to force the service to ignore port 9191. There is a RM update (CC4UPD093?) which installs a new version of the RM Network Monitor service. Once this is installed on the impacted PaperCut secondary servers, functionality should be restored. This update is only available upon request from RM.

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