Backing up PaperCut data

Backups and PaperCut

How to backup PaperCut specific data

PaperCut NG and MF have an automatic on-disk database export system. It will create a live point-in-time export once a week. More regular exports can be performed or scheduled if required. The system will create Zipped XML file containing the important account and configuration data and these files are kept for 30-days by default in the directory:


These are “on-disk” backups and should not be relied upon as a complete backup strategy. We recommend you follow industry best practices when determining your companies backup needs.

System Administrators should ensure a suitable backup strategy is implemented, enforced and routinely tested. The PaperCut embedded database stores all database data under the directory:


On Windows for instance this will generally be

C:\Program Files\PaperCut NG\server\data

As well as backing up the PaperCut data directory, System Administrators should keep current copies of various PaperCut configuration files. These include:


The print-provider.conf files. These are located on each print server under operating system specific directories.

The web-print.conf file located on the PaperCut server under operating system specific directories.

The PaperCut client and release station files. These are located on the PaperCut server under operating system specific directories. It is possible that there are configuration files on users workstations, but these are outside the scope of this discussion.

Customers who have installed a payment gateway will also need to backup the configuration properties file specific to their gateway, the file and any third party files their integration has installed.

For advanced Windows users who may have implemented direct printing then the file


should also be considered, but very few sites will have modified this file.

We do generally recommend backing up the whole PaperCut NG application directory as a precaution.

The important data directory should be added to the overnight backup schedule. We recommend a rotation policy that provides backup history enabling restoration ranging from one day to 6 months in the past. Backups should be stored on alternate media (i.e. not on the current server’s hard disk) and ideally some rotations should be archived off-site. Most organizations will already have a suitable policy and procedure for other important data and files.

Print Archive data

As part of the PaperCut version 13 release we have added Print Archiving. You can read more about it here.

The Print Archive data in [app-path]\server\data\archive is designed to be fully backed up or partially backed up. PaperCut has been designed to be resilient when working with partial restores allowing system administrators to be flexible in how much data is backed up.

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