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Capturing Spool Files with Mobility Print


The steps below describe how to capture spool files as it passes through Mobility Print. These steps can be used on a Server running Mobility Print with Windows Server, Linux, and macOS.

  1. Recreate the issue by printing a document via Mobility Print that demonstrates the problem.
  2. On the Mobility Print server, navigate to where Mobility Print is installed [app-path]/PaperCut Mobility Print/data/spool and locate the three files are generated for print each job:
    • job content in PDL (*.pdl)
    • print job options/instructions (*.ticket.toml)
    • printing state for the job (*.info.toml)
  3. NOTE: These files will remain available for up to one hour after the print was submitted.
  4. Zip the whole folder.
  5. Send this to support along with a copy of the Mobility Print logs so that we can see a full picture of the issue (click in the top right of the Mobility Print admin interface, then select Download Logs.)

Please note the following information:

  • Date/time the problem occurred
  • IP address of the Mobility Print Server
  • IP address of the device you are printing from
  • Username
  • Name of any printed documents

For more information about Mobility Print, check out the Mobility Print Help Center.

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Last updated June 13, 2024