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User Migration Strategies to PaperCut Pocket or PaperCut Hive


PaperCut Pocket and PaperCut Hive offers businesses a true Cloud managed Print Tracking and Control ecosystem that is secure, easy to administrate and resilient. So now you have PaperCut Pocket and HIve all setup and configured, users and printers onboarded, print security and control defined. You are happy with what you’ve accomplished in such a short time with minimal effort but…

How to get your users to print through PaperCut Pocket or Hive? Users will inevitably have their default printer setup to their favorite device which may be based on features or proximity. Simply stated, it will always be a matter of convenience! They may not be easily sold on how great it is to save trees and money as would a business owner or IT Administrator.

Depending on how users are managed, such as Active Directory, it is easy enough to de-install every printer except PaperCut, not allowing them rights to re-install other printers on their Windows Desktop via Group Policy. But brute force rarely achieves the results one is really after. Patience in these situations wins the day.

Promote the Virtues of PaperCut Pocket or Hive

One strategy may be promoting the virtues of PaperCut Pocket or Hive secure pull printing. The user may have their favorite traditional print queue, but can it help them avoid misprints? What if they choose the wrong paper size by accident and waste a quarter ream of letter size paper when they inadvertently picked ledger? What if they print too many copies or forget to select the duplex option? How can we promote monochrome print over color? With PaperCut Pocket or Hive we can nudge them to make these selections even up to the point of release. We can even warn or stop a user from releasing to a device in error. This helps the company achieve their green goals plus enables users to avoid mistakes that potentially can lead to unwanted eyes on sensitive data.

Phased End User Approach

Another strategy is to phase out existing direct or shared print queues. When first setup with PaperCut Pocket or Hive users could have 2 ways to print to their devices. One being their traditional print queue and the other a published device in PaperCut Pocket or Hive. Users will notice the benefits of Secure Release when using the PaperCut Printer, especially if your business is already promoting policies of responsible, secure print. Over a period of time, IT administrators can start restricting access to traditional queues in favor or the PaperCut Printer either via Group Policies with eventual removal from their desktops.


User behavior in the use of company assets like laptops, mobiles and printers, can vary greatly. Some users are already conscious with regards to safeguarding sensitive information, reducing their carbon footprint or saving the company money on consumables. Other users may be a bit more aloof and print every email they have to read in the morning, as an example. By promoting PaperCut Pocket and Hive, users will automatically see the new “cool” factor with print and start seeing the impact of wasteful print with their traditional printer queues.

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For more information about PaperCut Pocket and Hive, check out the PaperCut Pocket and Hive Help Center.

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Last updated June 13, 2024