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What’s Premium Upgrade Assurance (PUA)?



Q What’s Premium Upgrade Assurance (PUA)?

So you keep seeing references to something called “Premium Upgrade Assurance” or “PUA” on your invoices, contracts, dear-diary scribbles, but can’t find it anywhere on our website or the PaperCut admin dashboard.

Rest at ease!

We still offer the highest level of technical support and access to our latest features through a service called PaperCut Maintenance & Support (M&S), formerly called Premium Upgrade Assurance (PUA).

Q When did this happen?

We officially renamed PUA to M&S on April 1, 2019.

Q How will this affect your PaperCut implementation?

This change won’t affect your service at all. The same policies that applied with PUA will now apply to M&S. The change to M&S was meant to clarify exactly what you’re paying for: maintenance and support.

Q How do I renew my Premium Upgrade Assurance / Maintenance and Support?

Hop over to our Maintenance and Support page, which explains more - but in short if you have PaperCut NG you can upgrade online, or if you’re using PaperCut MF you can do this through the help of your PaperCut Partner (their details can be found on the ‘About’ tab in your PaperCut Admin Console).

Q What to do if you require more information?

If you want further details of what’s included in your M&S purchase, check out our summary of M&S here and as always, give us a call if you want to have a chat.

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Last updated February 15, 2024