Premium Upgrade Assurance

Peace of mind with PUA

Whether there’s a new feature your team’s heard about, when you need tech support right now or when there’s a new security, do it all with PUA.

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New features

When there's a new feature your team's heard about, but your software doesn't have it.

With PUA new features and updates are yours whenever you're ready to upgrade. And when your software's up-to-date, your print environment is at its best. For a full list of improvements, fixes and enhancements, read the PaperCut NG Release History.


When you need support right now, not in 48 hours time.

It happens to the best of us. A problem arises that you need technical support with. You can't wait 48 hours for an answer. You can't even wait a day. With PUA, you're our support team's priority. You're at the top of the queue, with a response within a handful of hours (not days), sometimes sooner.


When there's a new security risk, but your software isn't patched for it.

Your print environment needs constant vigilance from security threats, just like the rest of your network. No one wants to admit that a breach occurred via out-of-date technology. Plus, it's critical you stay compliant with new privacy and data legislation such as the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). With PUA, you're as prepared as can be from the latest security attacks and legislation changes. We issue fixes whenever they're needed, and as a PUA subscriber, that fix is yours, everytime.

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Your PUA explained

Here's what you need to know about PUA, based on the questions we get asked the most.

How much does PUA cost?

Upgrade Assurance is set at the higher of USD $250 or 20% of the purchased license price (including any optional modules). It may be purchased for up to five years in advance, allowing you to convert an annual fee into something that looks more like a capital fee - if that helps with your approval processes.

What do I receive when I purchase?

Your digitally signed license file will be stamped with the upgrade assurance expiration date. Once installed, this date is visible on the application's About page. This license file will automatically work with all future versions released during the purchased period and you may upgrade any time with the standard install-over-the-top upgrade procedure.

Isn't PUA just about getting quicker access to tech support?

Yes you get priority access to support. But you also get access to software upgrades. In a rapidly changing technical environment, having the latest version of our software is recommended. Not just for product features, but also for security enhancements that we add from time to time.

One motivation for you to have PUA and upgrade to the latest version of PaperCut is that only version 17.2.1 or later has the tools to support customer GDPR obligations.

How do I tell if my PUA is current/active?

If valid, the expiration date is listed under the license details in the application's About page.

How do I buy PUA?

Contact your reseller who you purchased your PaperCut license through and they can provide a quote for you. If you have PaperCut NG you can get a quote and purchase PUA online at You will need to upload your current license file to do this. Or email us at and we'll help you out!

Any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.