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Upgrading the Client Software



Q I have recently upgraded my server. Do I also need to upgrade the client software on each workstation?

If you’ve deployed the client software using the suggested method - the “zero-install” strategy (i.e. running directly off the share) - then no update will be required. All workstations will pick up the new version on their next reboot/login.

However, if you’ve performed a local install, then an upgrade is recommended as this will allow your users to benefit from any new features introduced on the client-side. Having said that, we do always maintain backwards compatibility with older clients, so users running old clients will see no change or loss in function. If we introduce a new feature in the client, then you would (most likely) need to upgrade the client software to get access to the new feature.

In that case, the upgrade procedure again depends on how exactly you’ve installed it - you will need to re-distribute / re-install the client on the workstations in the same way you did when you originally installed the client. The help center contains links for installing on Windows, macOS and Linux.

The version.txt file (a text file containing the version and build number) installed into the client directory can assist in tracking the client version.

Q How do I upgrade other components like the App Server, Secondary Servers or release stations?

Upgrading those components is covered in the main Upgrading PaperCut NG/MF documentation. Head over and take a look through.

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Last updated June 13, 2024