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Support for Live Register Biometric Hardware


This KB article relates to PaperCut MF, the edition of PaperCut that implements copier control and the use of 3rd party Biometric hardware primarily used in the UK.

We often receive emails and phone calls asking us about Live Register Biometric support. This knowledge base article is designed to give customers and resellers a brief overview of how the solution works and where to find more information.

MFD support for USB devices.

Firstly here is some general background information on Multi-Function Device support for USB hardware (keyboards / proximity readers / magstripe readers / etc.). Support for USB devices normally relies on the MFD and not PaperCut. There are some exceptions but as a general rule if the MFD supports the device, then it should work with PaperCut.

How it works

Biometric support is enabled by effectively emulating a USB card reader. The biometric scanner is connected via USB to an MFD running PaperCut software and also connected to the network via a LAN port. The workflow in simple terms is:

  • User scans his/her finger/thumb at the biometric scanner
  • Template is extracted and identified using the Live Register secure database
  • Matched user has an ID number associated with them
  • Biometric scanner sends the ID number via USB to the MFD
  • ID number matches the Card/ID number of a user in PaperCut
  • User is logged into PaperCut

Live Register

Live Register is developed by Cyclone Industries who specialises in bespoke software development for educational institutions. Working with various MIS systems, Cyclone Industries have developed applications to integrate school management information systems with other applications, such as MS Office, Cashless Catering or Access Control systems. This integration has allowed schools to link student information, whilst managing data centrally in their MIS.

Supported hardware

Currently Live Register and our UK partners/resellers have verified the biometric solution works on the following platforms:

This list will be updated as and when testing is complete. (Please note, not all devices may be supported)

For more information about Live Register with PaperCut please contact Live Register

(Please note, PaperCut Software do not sell biometric hardware or software)

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Last updated March 5, 2024