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Printing to the PaperCut Printer, but my users can't see their print jobs


Printing to the PaperCut Printer, but my users can’t see their print jobs

“Help! Why can’t I see my print jobs on my mobile phone/ embedded screen/ job log”

A Brief Description of the PaperCut Printer is a good place to Start

With Windows devices, the PaperCut Printer is created during the Hive Client installation process. More specifically, the PaperCut Printer is created during the initial Edge Node installation routine and before the Print Client processes are created and executed. This installation sequence is important, thereby knowing this sequence of events during installation can help you determine the best troubleshooting route to take, if for example, the installation fails or if the PaperCut Printer shows “unavailable” as a status.

The PaperCut Printer has 3 distinct differences when compared to a “traditional” Windows Print Queue

  • Driver - Windows Platforms use the PaperCut Global Postscript Driver

  • Port - Windows devices will use an “Internet Port” (IPP) “http://locahost:9265/printers/papercutpocket”

  • User Token - Used to validate the print job submitted is a valid “linked” user

Potential causes of why you can’t see the job on your mobile app/embedded screen/job log

1. Is pc-print-client-service.exe running?
Double-check to see in your processes in Task manager if the service is running. If it is not running, go to \Programs\PaperCut Pocket\data and double-click on pc-print-client-service.exe to run the service.

2. “Turn off printing over HTTP” on Windows is enabled
In order for the PaperCut Printer to work, you must set “Turn off printing over HTTP” to disabled.

3. MacOS the PaperCut Printer says “Printing - The Printer is not responding”
If you’ve deployed the edge node and print client using Jamf Pro, this means your user has not linked up their client to themselves. To fix this, ensure step 1 has been done and that pc-print-client-service is running. After, the user will need to open their invitation email to finish up the linking process.

For more information about PaperCut Pocket and Hive, check out the PaperCut Pocket and Hive Help Center.

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Last updated June 13, 2024