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Scan to Slack channel


Slack channels allow documents to be imported and announced in the channel to inform all users of the new document being added.

This can be configured using a special email address that is generated for each Slack Channel.

Video: set up and demo

Configuring the Slack channel email address

1. In Slack, right click on the channel and select “View Channel Details”.

Dont see this option? It’s only available to Pro accounts in Slack.

2. In the window that pops up, select the Integrations Tab, and click on “Send emails to this channel” option.

3. Click on “Get Email Address” in the window that pops up.

4. Slack will generate a unique email address for this channel. Click the copy button to copy the email to the clipboard, and save it somewhere so we can use it later

Sending a test email to the Slack channel

5. To test the email address from your PC, open your email client and send an email to the same ‘channel’ address as above. These will appear in the channel as per the screenshot.

Configuring the PaperCut Hive scan destination

6. Now let’s configure Papercut Hive. Log into Papercut Hive as an admin, and go to Easy Print & Scan, Quick Scans

7. Click Add Scan, and select Email as the destination

8. Enter the email address you copied earlier in the to field and lock it for editing by pressing the padlock button.

9. You can enter any subject and description you like, and decide if you want to allow users to edit them.

10. Define the remaining settings for Color, Duplex etc and Save the Scan Action

11. Log into a Papercut enabled device with Scan Integration and perform a test, the notification should appear in the channel, Woohoo!

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Last updated March 15, 2024