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On HP OXPd printers, "Auto" paper size button is displayed as "Mixed"


Both PaperCut MF and PaperCut Hive map their features to the native functionalities available from the printer. HP OXPd’s automatic paper size detection is suitable for mixed-size scan jobs, where a batch of documents for the same scan job has different paper sizes.

How do I find out what paper sizes my HP device supports in PaperCut MF?

To determine which paper sizes the HP device supports, you can turn on debug mode in the Application Server of PaperCut MF and take a look through the server.log files.

For example, if I want to find the support paper sizes for the HP LaserJet Flow MFP M631, we can search in the server.log files either by the IP Address, Hostname or Printer ID:

2022-09-02 15:19:58,041 DEBUG HibernateDAOBase - Fetched: Printer[id=13013,name=device\HP LaserJet Flow MFP M631,deviceType=DeviceType{type=EXT_HP-OXPD},physicalId=net://,disabled=N,created=2022-09-02T
15:19:39] (id:45U4rq, GET - /rpc/api/rest/internal/adminui/device/13013/status) [http-43]

Then you can search for ExtDeviceCapabilitiesStore entry for the same identifying information, see the scan-paper-size= values below:

2022-09-02 15:20:03,941 DEBUG ExtDeviceCapabilitiesStore - Storing device capabilities in file for device 13013 : {scan-orientation=[PORTRAIT, LANDSCAPE], scan-color-mode=[COLOR, GRAYSCALE, BLACK_AND_WHITE], scan
-duplex=[DISABLED, ENABLED], scan-paper-size=[A4, A5, LETTER, LEGAL, HP_AUTO_LETTER_LEGAL], scan-dpi=[200, 300, 400, 600], scan=[TRUE], scan-single-pdf=[SingleFileEnum[TRUE]], scan-file-type=[PDF, TIFF, JPEG], se
lect-account-at-print-release=[TRUE]} [dev\hp laserjet flow mfp m631]

How do I find out what page sizes my HP device supports in PaperCut Hive?

Documentation coming soon.

Known Limitations

Auto detect

The auto original size detection feature isn’t suitable for jobs where all pages have the same paper size because when scanning from the glass, in some scenarios, the HP printer will prompt the user again to choose the paper size.

HP OXPd scans with mixed-size originals

An end-user may want to scan originals of different paper sizes in the same scan job to be output in the same file. For example, Letter + Legal, or A3 + A4.

Scanning from the document feeder

When choosing the original size Mixed on the MFD, all the pages on the output PDF will match the largest paper size in the scan job.

  • If the end-user feeds Letter + Legal, all PDF pages will be output as Legal.
  • If the end-user feeds Letter + Legal + Ledger, all PDF pages will be output as Ledger.
  • If the end-user feeds A4 + A3, all PDF pages will be output as A3.

This will apply even if the smaller paper is the 1st sheet in the batch of documents to be fed. Limitation: The output may be rotated even if the end-user does not choose the Rotate 90º button.

Scanning from the glass

When choosing the original size Mixed on the MFD, scanning from the glass will require each page to be individually fed and scanned. In this scenario, each page of the PDF will match the page size of each original.

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Last updated February 15, 2024