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Web Print when using Novell and Samba



We have seen some behavior in the Web Print environment whereby PDF documents will not successfully print if printers are being shared using Samba, and Web Print is installed on a Windows based operating system.

This is due to the way Novell and Samba work together to share printers, along with how printing by command line to PDF is done in the Windows environment. Printers are set up on the Web Print system using IPP based connections (IPP://servername\printername), however Samba will allow printing to a Windows based share even though the printer does not exist on the Windows system (\\servername\printername).

To work around this false positive print queue, we will need to disable Printer and Printer Driver sharing through the Samba configuration UI. This will require Samba Daemons and Web Print to be restarted. Please ensure this is done during low usage times.

  1. Log into the Samba Configuration UI
  2. Navigate to the Shares tab
  3. Disable All Printers by clicking the All Printers line, and then Toggle Status
  4. Disable Printer Drivers by clicking the Printer Drivers line, and then Toggle Status
  5. Stop the Samba Daemons - /etc/rc.d/smb stop, /etc/rc.d/nmb stop
  6. Start the Samba Daemons - /etc/rc.d/smb start, /etc/rc.d/nmb start
  7. Wait 5 minutes for all services to start successfully, and then restart the PaperCut Web Print server
  8. Test by uploading a PDF job to the Web Print interface

This should mean that Samba will not allow printing to a printer that doesn’t exist on the Web Print server, as no Samba printer shares will be broadcasting from the Novell server.

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Last updated June 13, 2024