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The Windows IPP service bypasses the standard Windows printing process and this can cause problems with the PaperCut user client print popups (e.g. account selection or authentication popups).

The Windows IPP service runs in IIS and when it accepts jobs over HTTP it then inserts the jobs into the standard Windows printer queue. When it does this it loses some important meta-data from the print job that PaperCut uses to determine where to send the popup. (This important meta-data includes the client workstation name/IP-address and the user that printed the document).

For example, jobs that are submitted through the Windows IPP service report the following attributes:

  • Client/Workstation: the print server name/IP
  • Username: the IIS username

The PaperCut user client uses this meta-data (client IP and username) to determine where the job was printed from, and where to deliver the popup notification.

We recommend not using the Windows IPP service for printing when you use the user client popups.

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